Crazy times return…

September 26, 2009

I started back to school about 3 weeks ago and it’s been crazy busy- and awful. Even though last year was my first year of teaching, the stress I’ve had the past 3 weeks has been nothing compared to last year. Our program has several extra students this year, and it’s amazing what a difference a few students can make, especially in a classroom full of students with bad behavior. However, after a little breakdown about a week ago, and a mental-health day off this past week, I am feeling better and ready to (almost) take on the world… or at least a classroom full of expelled teenagers. It’s been especially nice to have the friendship of someone who’s taught in that classroom before- the only person who I think really, truely understands what I’m feeling. To top things off, I’m dealing with the recent death of an aunt. She lived in Canada, and since I don’t have a passport, I couldn’t make it to the funeral. We weren’t especially close, but I have this closure thing with death— funerals help me cope.

The garden is just about finished for the season. The tomatoes have almost completely died away and the beans went to seed a few weeks ago. We’re just waiting for the green peppers and jalapenos to finish producing- not that I’m complaining! I’ve had to give away both last week because we couldn’t use them fast enough. We pulled all of the onions last week and aren’t really happy with the crop, but it was ok. The compost from the past year is looking great, and I’m hoping for an awesome garden next year. I stopped at a farmer’s market with my friend Kristen last week and found the best looking apples for $0.69/pound. I bought a ton and am going to be making apple butter with them this weekend. She also picked me up a giant zucchini on her second trip there, which I shredded with my new food processor and made 2 loaves of chocolate zucchini bread from the new Cedar Cove cookbook. The extra shredded zucchini was frozen for use later in the winter. We may have to make another trip to the farmer’s market to get another couple for freezing.

I have been waiting for the Cedar Cove cookbook to come out and then be available at the library. (I love checking cookbooks out from the library. Most people only use a handful of recipes out of any given cookbook, so why buy it for a couple of recipes?) It arrived for me this week and I’ve already read almost all of the recipes. I can read a cookbook like a novel. I am thinking of purchasing this one because I really think these are simple, yummy recipes that I can use. If I do, I may do a “Julie and Julia” thing and cook every recipe in the book. What a fun idea, really. I was inspired when I saw the movie, and this seems like a perfect opportunity to try the new recipes out.

We went to a wedding for one of my oldest friends last weekend. I am so happy for the bride and groom- who went to our senior prom together! It was so nice to share in their special day and to see Trish, too! The weather was perfect and everyone looked beautiful and handsome. Now, we are getting ready to attend a wedding this evening for a friend of Don’s. We are a little worn out because we went to see KISS last night at Cobo Hall. Such an amazing time! Our seats were in the very top row, in the very back of the hall, but it didn’t matter. We were in the sameĀ place as KISS! I really loved it.

Now, it’s off to pull the bread out of the oven and start getting ready for the wedding!


One comment

  1. kiss and great gardens
    nice bookends to stressful school!
    wishing calm waters

    Thank You and Cheers!

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