Tomato Worms!

September 9, 2009

All summer long, the tomato worms have been eating out plants. They even ate a green pepper plant! We’ve been pulling them off everytime we’ve found them, but they are sneaky. And blend in really well with the leaves. I managed to spot this one before he’d eaten much of the plant. I wasn’t even looking for it, just walking by the garden!





  1. […] * We spent the summer working outside in the garden. We planted tons of tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos and green beans. We had so many tomatoes I was giving them away as fast as I could pull them off the bushes. We also learned how to can them, and made several batches of chopped tomatoes, salsa and even bruschetta. We also canned green beans, jalapenos, apple butter, and strawberry jam. A lot of them were used in homemade gift baskets for the holidays. In the process I learned a lot about gardening, including about quite possibly the ugliest worm on the face of the planet, tomato worms. […]

  2. how do you get rid of them?

    • I’ve heard that you can spray for them, but I hate spraying anything that I’ll be eating. So, we pretty much just pull them off the plant (I hate bugs despite the fact that I love working in the garden, so if they’ve really munched the branch they are on, I just cut it off). My husband smushes them with his foot, but, as I hate bugs, I tend to smash them with a shovel. Pretty gross, but necessary.

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