DMB rocks DTE

July 29, 2009

I saw the Dave Matthews Band last night for the 7th time at DTE. I suppose that it can’t be my favorite show everytime, but I have to admit that I walked out of the concert feeling less than thrilled about the overall show. I love seeing DMB live. They rock everytime and I was lucky enough to see (for the 3rd time!) guest guitar player Tim Reynolds on stage with them. However, looking over the setlist, they played 21 songs, and I only knew 8 of them. They have a new CD out that I haven’t gotten around to buying, but it seems to me that in the past, it was rare for DMB to play 2/3 of their show off of one album, new or not. But again, I don’t own the album yet.

I was happy to hear Don’t Drink the Water, one of my favorite live songs, as well as Warehouse, which I think it kind of rare to see live. I think I could also watch them play Jimi Thing every show I am at. I also broke what seemed to be a record of seeing Tripping Billies everytime I saw him live. But, I didn’t know either of the encore songs, and neither felt strong enough to carry the band out. DMB’s encores are generally my favorite part of the entire show. I would have rather seen Tripping Billies (again) than go out with both of those songs.

DTE continues to majorly suck at their traffic control, despite the fact that you pay $3 for parking and a $3 traffic control fee per ticket. That means that we paid $24 for our car alone, and it still took us well over an hour to get out of the parking lot. I enjoy shows at DTE, but I despise parking. I might just rent a limo next time.


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