“Central dispatch on the air…”

July 23, 2009

That’s how fire and medical calls start on Don’s fire radio. First comes a series of beeps shrill enough to make any alarm clock jealous. Then, the person comes on the radio and says “Central dispatch on the air for (insert appropriate fire station in the county here)…” then proceeds to explain whatever the situation may be. Being that it’s usually a medical call (the firefighters have to be at least Medical First Responders), it usually gives location, priority, age, sex and problem. If it’s a call for his fire station, Don will jump up and drive out to the fire house, where he’ll sit and wait for everything to be clear. Since he’s not technically on the force yet (still have to pass the station test and Fire 1 & 2… it will be awhile), he can’t actually go out on calls yet, but he gets credit for showing up at the station, and when he does pass all of the tests, he’ll get paid for all these calls he’s going on now.

I always wondered what calls annoyed him first- the one that inevitably comes when he’s just finished his workout and shower, when I am, no doubt, cooking dinner, and his favorite show is on between 5-6 pm (happens ALL the time… but only if I’m cooking. Never is we go out to eat)… OR, the call like he had this morning at 2:50 am for a porch fire that had already been reported earlier in the day and cancelled… and central dispatch called Don’s station by accident anyways, it was in another area. I’m voting for the middle of the night call. I can never fall back asleep after that. Then I wake up all groggy and late and feel like I’ve wasted my day. Either way, Don seems to really enjoy working with the firefighters and excited about fire school in the fall.


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