Vampire Stories

July 4, 2009

I have been so excited to have the time to read books this summer. I tried hard all school year to read at least a chapter or 2 of a novel before I went to bed, but sometimes that just didn’t happen. I’m kind of surprised that I’ve been stuck on a mostly young-adult, vampire fiction kick lately. It started with Twilight, but has spread some to incorporate other books my students are reading. I’ve read all 4 Twilight Saga books, and the first book in the Vampire Academy series. I just started another series with a lot of demon chasing. The first book is called “City of Bones.” I also randomly picked up an adult novel called “The Vampire of New York” which I found rather interesting, especially towards the end. I blame Bill for getting me hooked on vampires after Buffy and Angel, but I do enjoy the stories and the folklore. Don helped it along by showing me several classic horror films, especially the Hammer ones with Christopher Lee.

I find it so interesting how authors take the vampire lore, and use the parts that benefit them in their stories. For example, in Twilight, the vamps can go out in the daylight, they just sparkle like they have diamonds embedded in their skin. In the VA series, vampires are both mortal and immortal, depending on what type they are. They can also handle some sunlight ok. In the “Vampire of New York,” the vampire even says that he met Bram Stoker, and that he was the motivation for Stoker to write “Dracula.”

In keeping with the vampire theme, I just read the 1st part of the graphic novel that Joss Whedon did as the 8th season of Buffy. I was less than impressed with it, to be honest. Maybe it’s just that I’m not a comic fan, I don’t know. I guess that after I enjoyed the series so much, I was disappointed with what he was following it with. Maybe it will get better. I’ll have to track down parts 2-4 through inter-library loan.


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