The fruits (and veggies!) of our labor…

July 1, 2009

I was pleasantly surprised to come back from my long weekend and find the the vegetable garden not only survived another wind storm (there was a rumored tornado last week nearby during the storm), and are actually producing!

green pepperOur green peppers are growing well. All 4 plants have buds and 2 have peppers this large.





Most of the tomato plants have flowered, but only a few are showing any buds. The vine tomatoes have grown exponentially in size lately, and all have tomatoes starting to grow.

My basil was started from seed and has also really picked up lately.

The blueberry bushes are also giving lots of blueberries, even despite being attacked by the japanese beetles early last month. We picked a handful of the ones that had turned blue and used them to make blueberry pancakes for dinner tonight!

The onions are also doing awesome, we should have several dozen at the end of the season. The carrots didn’t come up at all, which is kind of disappointing. Those also started from seed. The tomatoes and peppers all came from a nearby greenhouse. I’m excited about having them grow!


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