Mission Accomplished!

May 16, 2009

Since Sunday, a stray dog has been hanging around our yard, my in-laws yard and the field behind our houses. It looked like a yellow lab, and was skiddish as could be and wouldn’t allow us near it. Monday after work I stopped and picked up a bag of food. We started to leave it in the places that the dog was hanging out. She was sleeping in the ditch next to the field, which was infested with mosquitoes.

I was so frustrated because our local Animal Control told us that we had to catch the dog ourselves before they would take her, and I couldn’t get anyone at the Humane Society to pick up the phone or return my calls. I couldn’t have lived with myself if this dog died a slow death in my backyard. So, I contacted a friend who used to work for an animal hospital for advice.  She said that I needed to be patient and work my way toward the dog slowly.

I felt horrible when there was a terrible rain storm a few nights ago. All I could think about was her out there in the storm!

Yesterday I sat near her for about 20 minutes. Later, I took a bowl of food and walked toward her. I could tell the dog was scared, but much more receptive. I got about 10 feet away and left the food. Today after school, I walked within 10 feet before the dog stood up. She didn’t run, and I spent about 20 minutes talking to her and edging slowly forward. Don brought out some more food and water, and I could tell she was thirsty. A few minutes later, she started to edge toward me. I let her smell my hand of awhile, and then scratched her head. As soon as I did, she melted. I walked toward my in-laws’ fenced yard and she followed right on my heels!

I think she’s pretty young, probably not even a year old. She looks to be in pretty good shape. We’ll be taking her to the vet on Monday. If everything is ok with her, we’re going to think about keeping her. After the time we spent on her this week, I already feel attached to her! A neighbor suggested we name her Patience (since that’s what it took to get her!) and I think Chance is a great name for a dog who’s getting a second chance. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll get pictures soon!


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