Satisfied Customer

April 5, 2009

At an amazing Black Friday sale at Sears, we purchased a new washer and dryer set at almost half off. We used the rest of our wedding gift money on the purchase because the dryer at the house was ancient, and the front loading washers use 3/4 less water per load than the top loading, which we had. The catch was, we would have to wait until February for delivery because the sets hadn’t been made yet. We decided it wasn’t a big deal, because we didn’t NEED the set right away. We were told that once the set came in, we’d be contacted and we would set up delivery then.

February came and went, and no one at Sears had an idea when they would be coming in. By March, we were a little frustrated. Finally, in mid-March, we got the call- they were in! We went into the store to set up the delivery, and were told that they couldn’t just put a delivery into the system, it had to be part of a reciept for an item. We were basically told that there was nothing that they could do for us, despite the fact we followed the instructions given to us by the sales rep in November. We finally paid someone to bring them to our house, but had no way of getting them into the basement or getting the old pair up.

I finally decided to just call Sears. It didn’t seem to make sense that they couldn’t make up a delivery charge for us. The woman at the customer service line was very helpful, and eventually got us talking to the store manager and agreed to send us some gift cards to make up the money we paid someone to drive the set to our house.

We had to pay for the delivery team to come out, but they got them into the laundry room. And, as a nice surprise, we got the gift card in the mail AND a rebate check from our fridge (also purchased in November!) in the same day!


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