Dinner and a movie

February 14, 2009

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with dinner and a movie right? Even if the dinner is at a burger place that sells burgers for under a buck and the movie is a zombie film filled with gore and guts, right?

I bet you didn’t know that White Castle celebrates Valentine’s Day, right? Well, they do. Don and I spent a romantic candlelight dinner there this evening. Our meal included full service from a member of their waitstaff (we didn’t even fill up our own drinks at the fountain machine), a table with a pink plastic tablecloth, printed menus, silk flowers and even a candle. To commemorate the event, I took a handful of pictures:

Our welcome…

Don at the table with the pint tablecloth, printed placemats and menus, and flowers.

Placemats & menu


They even brought us free dessert!

All in all, our little dinner was pretty cool. While I’m not a fan of White Castle food, I do not mind their cheese sticks or fries, so that’s what I ate. Plus, this was way better than spending $50ish on a big fancy dinner.

As for the movie, we’ll be watching Dawn of the Dead (the remake). Nothing says love like a zombie film, right? In our case, it kind of does. This was the movie we went to on our first real date in 2004. Awww….


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