February 9, 2009

Don and I went to watch an Iron Maiden tribute band on Friday night in Taylor. First, being in the bar made me realize how much I missed the no-smoking-in-public law in Colorado. Second, the band was good and we had time. And lastly, the belligerent, middle-aged man that totally took a face dive while getting way out of control with his air guitar made the night totally worth it. Yeah, I feel bad laughing because he really got hurt pretty bad, but he was so wasted I don’t think he even knew how bad he was hurt. He fell face first, leaving a face smear on the floor, and hitting his head on the PA system in the front of the stage. When he sat up, his nose started gushing blood- I am certain it was broken. He also broke his glasses and had a giant gash on his forehead.

Quilting class is going pretty well. I finished 3 blocks over the weekend to take to class tomorrow. I attempted a block out of a book that didn’t have any measurements and I did the best I could to figure it all out… and am pretty sure I didn’t do the math right. Oh well, it’s just one square that didn’t work out. I’m taking the book in and going to have my teacher help me determine the right measurements for other blocks I want to make.


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