Reflecting on the Past Year

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! It’s been another crazy year. After the last few days of craziness and no power, I’ve finally had a chance to really think back and reflect on the last year and all that’s happened.

* First, obviously the biggest change, Don and I got engaged and married. Planning the wedding was easy, but replanning it after the move was more challenging. However, we pulled it together and had what I think was the best wedding ever.

* I continued to work with Soldier’s Angels, and for the first time ever, got a response from one of the soldiers I had adopted. To date, every soldier I have adopted has come home safe. <knock on wood> As the war continues, I have tried to keep with the program and help the deployed soldiers as much as I can.

* I continued teaching my cake decorating classes and even took a class to help me work on my cake decorating skills, especially geared toward wedding cakes. That helped, because about a month later, I did my first real wedding cake for my friend Justin and his wife Erica. You can see a picture and read about it here.

* I interviewed for a teaching position in Michigan and got the job. On the trip between Colorado and Michigan, we were able to stop at John Wayne’s birthplace for the first time. We also stopped to see the Freedom Rock, and
even got to meet the artist as he was working on it when we went by.

* The Mile High Music Fest= AWESOME! I got the tickets for me and Dan the day before the show from one of Don’s friends at a substantial savings… and couldn’t be happier with the purchase. We saw John Mayer, the Black Crowes and of course, the Dave Matthews Band. The show was unbelievable and DMB ended up putting out a CD of the show- just in time for Christmas.

* Our move back to Michigan went pretty smooth and I recommend ABF Relocubes for anyone who is moving or doing rennovations and needs a little extra storage space. They were awesome. Starting my new job went really well, and after a couple of weeks I felt completely at home at my school and with my students. I always knew I was meant to be a teacher, and that solidified that for me.

* A year of losses: Several people I knew passed away this year, and it was hard to deal with some of them. Two of my high school classmates passed away, Rachelle from carbon monoxide poisoning in her house and Joe from the cancer that had hindered him for so many years. Hearing about Joe’s death just crushed me, despite the fact that I hadn’t spoken to him in years. Likewise, Nichole’s death to an overdose of heroine also crushed me, though it’s been years since I had seen her. It’s never easy to lose people you know.

At the end of it all, this year has been amazing for me. I am loving being back in Michigan despite the fact that I miss my friends in Colorado very much. In the new year, I am hoping to keep improving my teaching skills, keep working on cake decorating and keep the positive attitude that I’ve developed in the last few months.


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