After-Christmas sales

December 31, 2008

I quite enjoyed shopping post-Christmas sales this year. We got some LED lights for next year, as well as some wrapping paper and gift tags for wrapping next year. It’s also a great time to get gift sets because the stores are unloading them. Purfume/cologne are excellent examples of this.

We ended up buying several Christmas ornaments this year, even though we only intended to get one. I also won 3 snowmen ornaments at the conference I was at as a door prize. Here are a couple:

reliant-ornamentWe are Star Trek dorks (I still blame it as the reason we first started to get along), and when we found this Hallmark ornament from our favorite Star Trek movie, we had to get it.

teach-ornamentThis was given to us by my parents to celebrate my first year as a teacher.

baseball-ornamentThis is my favorite of the snowmen I won at the conference. The entire set had one ornament for each month of the year- this was for June.

It’s exciting to have a house and be able to buy things for next year because we actually have room to store them.


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