December 30, 2008

In the past week, our power has been OUT more than it has been ON. We lost power again yesterday morning after a serious wind storm. I woke up at 4 AM to the sound of wind outside, and Spider standing on the bed next to me crying. The wind picked up even more and I honestly thought we were going to have a tornado, so I picked up the cat and hurried to the basement. About 5 minutes later, the power flashed a couple of times and went out.

Once the wind died down a tad and we were confident there wasn’t going to be a tornado (the fact that it was 60 degrees the day before and in the low 30s is what made me nervous), we headed back upstairs to collect some candles and realized that car was stopped in the street in front of the house, because there was a tree from our yard that lost a HUGE branch and it was blocking our entire road. We called to report it and the road commission came to push it off the road not long after. (We actually had a guy stop by and ask if he could have the branch- which was as big as a tree itself- if he cleaned up the yard and we said yes. You can hardly tell a tree came down).

We were without power (us an 250,000 other DTE customers) for 36 hours this time. I’ve found that I much prefer to lose power in the summer. I know you are more likely to lose the food in the fridge quicker in the summer, but I sleep SOOO much better when it’s hot than when it’s cold. Plus, in the summer, you can do things for longer in the day because the sun comes up earlier and goes down later, plus you can go hang out outside.

I am very excited about the power being back on. Now, I need to go through the fridge and find out what we need to throw out and what we can keep.


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