Movie Reviews

August 26, 2008

Being that my new job hasn’t started yet, and we’re pretty much unpacked at this point, we have some free time. So, we’ve gone to the movies at least once a week since we got here. Three weeks = three movies. Not the most stellar films ever, but entertaining to say the least.

First up: The X-Files: I Want to Believe
I was an X-Files fan back before the show started to suck (AKA, when Duchovny left). Also, I think I went away to college and didn’t watch so much anymore. But, I was excited to see Scully and Mulder together again. The film is pretty much a stand-alone. You don’t really need to have watched or followed the show closely, though there were a few parts that confused me. The movie itself was pretty good, but sort of felt like an extended episode. There were a few parts that made me happy, as a long-time fan, but disclosing anything may be too much of a spoiler. The whole premise of the film is that the FBI needs exiled-Mulder’s help to solve a case, so they seek him out. It was interesting and help my attention pretty well.

The House Bunny
Ok, so going to this was partly because Don’s in love with Anna Faris, but I thought it could be funny, and I was right. I actually laughed out loud at a couple of parts. Anna plays a woman who gets kicked out of the Playboy Mansion after her 27th birthday, so she becomes a house mother for a sorority made up of misfits. It was a little distracting to have Faris in a mini-skirt and bikini top most of the film, and also points at what my friend Bill describes as “Hollywood Ugly”- give a pretty girl glasses and she’s “ugly.” It was a little annoying that the whole premise was that once these girls wear skimpy clothes and dye their hair, people will like them. However, that aside, it did make me laugh.

Tropic Thunder
This movie was actually hilarious. I couldn’t believe how many times I laughed. Ben Stiller sort of annoys me (I feel he’s usually playing the same character over and over), but Robert Downey, Jr was great and Jack Black was pretty funny. An an ensemble, the cast was pretty good. Tom Cruise is in it, too, which I didn’t really know until the movie started. He was actually not bad – it was probably one of his best actual acting jobs. The plot of the movie is a movie inside a movie inside real life. Doesn’t make sense? Just see it, then it will.


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