Not all fun and games

August 4, 2008

I’m sitting in the kitchen for what I hope will become my own house some day, and I’m staring at the bits and pieces of things that have no where to go. I’ve been back in MI less than 12 hours and I’m already stressing. I have a stack of books to look through and start planning lessons. There are groceries on the counter with no organization or idea of where I should put them. We have our bags we brought in the car, but nothing else. We have some furniture in the house (table, some chairs, a TV) but nothing of ours, as the moving company will be delivering it sometime this week. It’s an odd feeling.

BUT- we are back in MI and our stuff is on its way. I have material to help me start planning my lessons for the new job. I’ve paid the deposit on the location for the wedding and am going to make appointments to meet at 2 places to check them out for the reception. And, we are in the house and even though it could be some time before we get everything worked out before we can buy it, we aren’t living in an apartment for the first time! So, the new plan is in action and it looks like we’ve already accomplished a lot!


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