The new plan

July 13, 2008

1. Move to MI
2. Teach high school social studies
3. Buy a house
4. Get married

So, that’s the new plan. For those of you who don’t know yet, I accepted a teaching job in southeast MI and will be moving back to MI in less than a month. Step 3- buy the house we are going to be renting. And, of course, get married. We’ve had to adjust all of our wedding plans and move the wedding to MI, which is not easy considering it’s in less than 4 months and it’s hard to plan such things 1200 miles away. We do have a location for the service, but no one to officiate. We have a couple of places that we might have the reception at but don’t want to say yes to either until we’ve seen them. We need to find a place to rent chairs and a tent, get flowers and find a photographer. I’m debating about getting a band or a DJ or having nothing at all. We may just have some music playing that we’ve provided. Changing our plans has changed our budget and not in a good way!

Not to mention that I’ll be spending most of August trying to make up lesson plans to teach classes that I’ve never taught before. Yipes!



  1. I’m so excited for you to come back!!

    Where is the house you’ll be buying??

  2. […] we moved back to MI. How exciting! We’re finally homeowners! This officially completes “The New Plan,” which was set back in July of ‘08 after I found out we were moving back to […]

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