‘Tis the season… for planting

May 26, 2008

While helping unload flats of annuals at work, I have been picking out plants that I would want to plant in my pots on the deck. However, most of the plants that I picked out aren’t exactly cheap- which figures. Last year, I got free leftovers from work, any annuals that were leftover after plantings were fair game. I managed to mix together shade and sun plants and killed half of them. So, this year, I settled on something simple… pink petunias, green sweet potato vine and alyssum. I spent some time this afternoon planting away.

Last year’s pots, ready to be pulled out!

My plants!

Finished pots! The picture didn’t turn out too good because it was so sunny outside, it burned out the colors a little bit, but that’s ok. The sweet potato vine and the alyssum are both trailers, so they should grow down over the pots. And I’m hoping the petunias get a little taller, which I’m sure they will. When the plants start to grow, it should all fill out.

I really liked the way the hot pink looks with the lime green… some of our clients have them in their yards, and I like those colors together.

I also planted a small strawberry plant. I hope it does well. I love strawberries but I never eat the whole thing from the store before they go bad. Maybe this way I can just get a couple at a time. I’ve never grown anything like this before, so we’ll see how it goes.

Last but not least- my basil! I loved having fresh basil last year (that was one of the free plants from work last year!) I only bought one because last year I had 3 or 4 and we never used it enough to need that much. But, it was awesome having it anyways. One of our garden gnomes will watch over it for me!

Before the planting experience today, we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I really liked it. I love Indy! There were a couple of parts that I wasn’t crazy about, but overall, I enjoyed it. I also baked some cakes so that I am going to make a practice cake for Justin’s cake tomorrow. I still have one more 14″ cake to bake tomorrow before I put it all together. I made everything the same as the final cake will be so I know what to expect when I make the cake. Only about 3 weeks until I make it for real!


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