It never ends…

May 15, 2008

Seems like life never slows down, I swear. Work is so busy right now because it’s planting season. We have flats of annuals everywhere in the yard and have a new truck to unload nearly daily as we put flowers in the ground. We did have some frost and we lost a few flats- but hopefully we are almost done with that. Work has been a little less stressful, but I think it’s because I’m just dealing with it. I try to not get upset and stressed. I try to keep my desk clean- if I’m not actively dealing with it, I put it away, even if it’s just in my “to do” file folder. It has been keeping me from being overwhelmed. We’ll see how long it lasts.

I’m teaching 2 classes this month, and so far things are going well. I have a couple of return students in one of my classes, and 6 new students. I did a demonstration in the store over the weekend. They were having a wedding display there, so I made a fake wedding cake. I made it to look like Justin’s cake, so he would have an idea what it was going to look like. I didn’t have enough time during the demo to finish the blueberry border on the bottom until the next day. His cake will also be more ivory colored instead of white.

Don’s been sick for about a week now. He’s hopefully going to try to go to work tomorrow, but we’ll see. He’s had this weird cold/flu/allergy thing that is apparently going around. So far, I haven’t caught it, but who knows what might happen. Probably as soon as he’s finally better, I’ll get sick. haha. I hope not, he’s been miserable.


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