Decorating wedding cakes is HARD!

April 14, 2008

Here are some pictures of the “wedding” cake I finished decorating this morning. I wasn’t totally happy with the outcome, mostly because I wasn’t totally happy with the cakes to begin with. Since I had a limited amount of frosting to decorate with, I was pretty stingy and you can see the cake showing through at parts. Also, the 2 smaller tiers both got smashed in transport because the boxes listed on the “supplies list” were both too small. I thought so as I was buying them, but then though “Well, the teacher should know best…” The work we did in class on the middle tier was totally smashed. I managed to scrape off those decorations, and sort of smooth it out, but then the icing stuck to my impression mat while trying to make the diamond pattern. I should have waited a while longer to do it. And my scrollwork needs some work. However, I stacked a 3-tiered cake and put it all together… all in all, it isn’t too bad.

and a detailed picture of the top….

I was totally disappointed that I couldn’t get those top impressions out. They look like fingerprints! But, eventually, I reminded myself that this is just a practice cake and it dosen’t have to be perfect. I was using it to practice other things anyways. And to try out my impression mat.

I’m going to write a letter to the owner of the cake shop where I took the class about how disappointed I was. I’m not going to be rude or anything, but maybe she just needs to know what all happened and she can revise the supply list for future classes. Plus, I don’t think the description accurately describes the class.



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  1. Not bad for the first time, keep at it, you will get better.

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