Was it worth it?

April 13, 2008

I attended my cake decorating class today. I registered about 3 weeks ago (the class itself was a whopping $80!) and bought most of what I didn’t have the day I registered. I came home, checked out my stuff to see if I had the remaining stuff. There were still a few things I didn’t have, but I figured that I would just pick them up before class started.

I started baking for the class last weekend. I needed 2 6-in cakes, 2 8-in cakes, and 2 12-in cakes. That’s a lot of baking. I baked the the 6 and 8 inch cakes last weekend and froze them. Baked the 12 inch ones last night. I packed everything up this morning and headed to the store for class. I buy the couple of things I needed, then brought all of my materials inside to the classroom. As I’m unpacking, I notice that the girl next to me has a different supply list. My list had 3 categories: Things from your kitchen, things you can get at the store and things the store will supply you. Not only were there some expensive things on the “things the store will supply you” but ICING was on there. I have 6 cakes with no icing! So, I go back into the store, and take the list to the owner. At first, she kind of gave me a hard time, saying “Oh, well that’s the OLD list.” I was like, “Yeah, but YOU gave this list to me. It has today’s class and date listed on it.” After a minute or so of going back and forth (I was about to demand my money back), a woman in the class was buying some things and she said, “Oh, honey, just sit by me. I have all that stuff and you can share.” And the owner gave me the necessary 5 pounds of icing for free. I still had to buy a couple of other things- plastic dowels and I separator plate.

So, the teacher Helen is so old and so adorable but man, does she know cake decorating. She gave us awesome tips on smoothing the cake and whatnot. We ice all of our cakes and then she showed us some decorating techniques that are apparently popular on wedding cakes. Well, maybe in 1970. 90% of the things she showed us, I will never use. Ever. So, that seemed like a waste. Then, we only talked about how to stack the cakes. We didn’t actually do it, even though we had to buy separator plates and dowels. We also didn’t use the other expensive stuff that the lady next to me planned to share, so I’m glad I didn’t spend my money on it. We didn’t even actually decorate the cakes, just a few little decorations on one of the cakes which I am hoping I can scrape off and replace with better ones. I learned a couple of things, but mostly… I sort of feel like it was a waste.

After class, while we were packing up, the owner asked if we liked the class. She just bought the store 6 months ago and it’s the first time they have had the wedding cake class since she bought the store. I flat out told her that I was extremely upset that there were so many things on the supply list that I didn’t need to buy. She seemed upset for us, probably because of the crap I gave her before class about having to buy stuff that I didn’t expect to buy.

All in all, the more I think about it, I am glad I went to the class, but I do not think it was worth the money I paid for it- tuition or supplies. Hopefully I can get the decorations off the cake and at least decorate it enough that I can take a picture of it since I did do all the work involved in making it.



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