In the dark

April 11, 2008

Last night, I was teaching my cake decorating class. It was the second session of Course 1, so it was the first time the students were decorating. We had about 30 minutes left in class, and all the sudden- blackness. The power in the store went out. Our classroom is in the back of the store, and there’s a small hallway leading to the classroom. While the store has emergency lights, the hallway and our classroom do not, so we were in complete blackness. I managed to get out of the classroom while only kicking some supplies a student had left on the floor and into the store. It was so creepy because usually you can hear the lights humming- except you don’t notice it until they are out. They tried to fix the breaker in the store before they realized that the entire shopping complex was out. They tried to collect all the shoppers to the front (concerned about shoplifting, maybe?” but I just kept my students in the classroom and we decorated their cakes by flashlight. The power came back on 10-15 minutes later and we finished and packed up and went home. I still don’t know what happened.

Speaking of being in the dark… I found out I haven’t been getting paid correctly for the past 2 months at the store. Yeah. Seriously. Not only did the computer not update with the new pay scale (you’d think someone would have let the managers know that), but my manager has been paying me based on the number of students who came to each class. However, I get paid based on the number of students who come to the FIRST class. This way, I still get paid the same if students drop out. Since I had 14 students in Course 2 the first night, I was STOKED about my pay for the month. When my last check was substantially off, I took it to the manager and found out both problems. I got paid today and there wasn’t an added adjustment, and the 2 weeks on this check are incorrect because I wasn’t paid based on the first night’s attendence or according to the right payscale… so I guess I’ll just have to keep track until he gets it figured out and get a bonus lumpsum!


One comment

  1. Dang- when are they gonna get their poop in a group!?

    There were a few times we had blackouts in our store, although I was never there for them. Apparently there is a big important transformer thingy behind the store, which has a master lever to shut the power off, and of course it’s not locked in place or anything. I guess some kids figured out what it was and every few days they would come by and flip the power off. Crazy!

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