Practice cake

March 31, 2008

I made my first practice cake for Justin’s wedding. I baked a 6 in cake (which will be the top layer) and practiced icing it (the edges are not easy. People who make them look perfect are awesome. Icing totally smooth isn’t easy, either). Then, I did some freehand scrollwork on the sides. The final cake is probably going to have a border of real blueberries around the bottom of each layer and nothing on top, but I thought these needed something, so I added the bead border. The scrollwork will also be “cheated” on the final cake… I’ve already ordered a scrollwork press set to make impressions in the icing that I can “trace” and make them look better. I also ended up taking off a lot of icing to try and make it look totally smooth, so you can see the cake peeking out here and there. However, for this being my first try with my new pans, straight edges and scrollwork, I’m pretty happy with the results.


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