Ahhh, weekends

March 2, 2008

I hate when weekends are too busy. However, I’m happy to report that as of this afternoon, I am the proud new owner of a wedding gown! I bought it today!

That’s my gown. The only problem is that the bars in our closets are so low to the ground, the dress won’t fit. I have it stuffed in our extra closet right now. It’s in the nice bag, and they’ll steam and press it for free once before the wedding, so I’m not too worried about it right now. But, I want to find somewhere else for it. I’m thinking I might install a hook in the closet in the living room and hang it there. It’s the closet for the washer/dryer that we don’t have and we store a lot of stuff in there. I think it will be perfect if I can hang it in the back and out of the way.
Something good did happen today – Don FINALLY got his W-2 in the mail. He’s been going back and forth with his former boss about getting it. He kept being told that his boss wsa looking into it and he didn’t know why it didn’t come etc. Don finally found out who the payroll company was and called them for it himself. It took him 1 day to get it. Seems like his boss wasn’t really trying if you ask me.

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