Who killed JFK?

February 17, 2008

I know that question may seem random since it’s not even the anniversary of Kennedy’s death, but Don and I spent the night watching PBS and just watched a program called Oswald’s Ghost. Most anyone who knows me knows that I’m only slightly obsessed with this topic, have done extensive research on it and am a conspiracy theorist. According to PBS, I am one of 70% of Americans who believe JFK was killed as a result of a conspiracy. I read more books cover-to-cover about Kennedy’s death in college than I read textbooks cover-to-cover. And the mystery is rarely far from my mind as I am always trying to research more and read as much as I can.

My facsination on the topic started as a young child because it was something that my dad was interested in and I remember watching videos about it. I even remember writing a paper about the state of Texas in elementary school which included part about Kennedy being shot there. My serious study didn’t start until I wrote a research paper in college which proved that Oswald couldn’t have and didn’t act alone. I don’t think I ever thought that Oswald did it. In the end, I think he was exactly as he said he was- a patsy.

I am sure that it’s a mystery that we’ll never know for sure. There will be no way to prove that Oswald did do it, nor will we be able to prove that it was someone else. There are dozens of different- and substantial- theories on Kennedy’s death. And there are so many missing pieces, the case looks like swiss cheese.

If the topic interests you at all, I recommend watching Oliver Stone’s JFK. It’s long, but worth it, especially at the end when Kevin Costner’s character is explaining the “magic bullet.” Also, the books First-hand Knowledge (the author claims he was part of the CIA plot to kill Kennedy), and  Best Evidence (discusses lies and deceptions involved with the case). Or ask me any questions you have- I will probably have some kind of answer for you.


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