Saving flowers and other crafts…

February 10, 2008

I decided I wanted to try and press the flowers that Don gave me when he proposed to me so I could put them in my scrapbook. Pressing flowers is a craft I’ve never tried before. I looked it up online and found similar directions on more than one site. I am trying 2 different methods. First I put a couple of them in a heavy book with a weight on top. Then, I tried putting them in the microwave. You take a couple layers of paper towel and put the flowers between the layers. You put something heavy- a plate or casserole dish- on top to keep them flat.

Here’s some petals I took apart and put on 4 layers of paper towel:

The flowers will typically dry at 50% power after 2-3 minutes, but darker ones could take more. You have to dry them in 1-minute incriments to make sure you don’t over dry them. Here’s what some dried flowers look like:

I’m hoping to add these to my scrapbook, but I’m not totally sure how yet. I know you can decoupage them, but we’ll see.

I baked some cookies tonight and I’m going to decorate them tomorrow. I dropped my sewing machine off at the repair shop on Friday and I should probably have it back by next Friday. I have a quilt to make that’s due before Memorial Day and I want to make Freddy from work a baby blanket because his son was born this week. It’s going to cost me $100 just to get the machine looked at and serviced- a full out cleaning and oil. Hopefully that corrects the problem and I won’t have to pay extra.

I’m going to start teaching at the second Michael’s store in March. If students sign up for all of my classes, I’ll be teaching 3 nights per week. What’s really good about that is that Wilton instructors just got a raise for all the activities we do: classes, demos, display cakes. And it kicks in this month. So, I’m excited about that.


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