Celebrated Don’s birthday

January 13, 2008

We went out last night with a couple of friends to a bar downtown. It was one of those places that’s more like a resturant until 9ish, so it was really cool. They had specialty Belgian beer for the guys. The food was a little pricey, but Don’s burger looked so good. I’m still wishing I had ordered that instead of my chicken sandwich. At the end of the night, it was really great to be able to go out with our friends and have a good time.

Today we are going to clean the office- and that may be all. I planned to do some cardio today in the gym, but after I slipped and fell on the ice yesterday, there’s no way my body is going to let me do that. It hurts everywhere. I finished my sample cake for the store window on Friday except for gluing the little flower box on top so it will stay put in transport- and wont’t be taken by little hands while it’s on display. I have a couple of things to do for cake class to get ready for this class we are running for the first time in Feb. I also didn’t make Don a birthday cake, so I might make some kind of specialty cake with no real decorations- zucchini, carrot or rum cake. We’ll see.



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