Planting inside

January 10, 2008

Dana bought me a little mini Grape Hyancith kit for Christmas and while I was waiting for a cake to bake this evening, I decided to plant it. Here’s how it went…..

The box… so pretty… I would like to point out that it says it comes with THREE bulbs…

… but it only came with TWO bulbs! Here they are with the mini pot.

Here’s the “soil disc” soaking in water. It absorbed all the water and expanded so much that I couldn’t even fit it all in the pot.

It got a little messy when I was breaking apart the expanded soil disc, but here’s the little pot all ready to grow flowers. Bulbs need to be put in a cool environment for several weeks in order to grow, so I’ll be keeping mine in the little bedroom since it’s freezing in there.

Stay tuned for pictures in a couple of weeks when the flowers start to bloom!


One comment

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