Back in Colorado

January 1, 2008

We made it back to Colorado with far less trouble than when we left it. The drive from MI to western Iowa was pretty straightforward, and we arrived earlier than usual, at about 2:30 pm CST. We left at about 5 am yesterday and got to CO at about 1:30 pm MST. It was nice to be out of the car, that’s for sure. We unpacked, picked up the house some, went grocery shopping and then went to pick up Spider from our friends. He’s still mad at us. Oh well.

I took some pictures along the way on our trip. They aren’t the best because they were taken from a moving car, but they give you an idea what the trip was like:

This was at a rest stop in western Illinois, not far from the Iowa border. Everything was covered in frost.

Not long after the rest area, everything looked white like this. I’m not sure if they got freezing rain over snow to make the trees look like they did, because it wasn’t regular snow. Everything was so pretty for several miles and it looked like a Christmas card.

This is what eastern Colorado looks like at the Nebraska/Colorado border. The hills are rolling and there are nothing but ranches on either side of the expressway. Most of the exits have no services.

Our first glimpse of the mountains on the horizon. I’m not sure exactly where we are, but I know we still had about an hour or so before we got to Denver. You can see how the terrain has flattened out. It stays pretty flat all the way into Denver.



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