She’s my Michigan kitty

December 28, 2007

This is Psycho, my cat in MI. She is a tiny little ball of Psycho-ness, and has been since she was a kitten. I think her name was originally Libby, but when we kept calling her “Psycho” all the time, the name just stuck. I managed to catch this picture as she was sticking her tongue out at me, which I thought was cute.

Psycho and Spider don’t get along. But, then, I don’t think she gets along with anyone. Except Cody, which is funny because he’s a Great Dane and she’s so little, but they like to cuddle together. Just like you see on cute animal calendars. Or online forwards. She’s gotten to where she will let me pet her whenever I want, but she still hates to be picked up. I’m surprised she let me take her picture and didn’t move, even after the flash. That’s more than I can say for some animals in this house, ahem, MURPHY. The dog will not sit still long enough to get ONE decent picture of him.

I can’t believe vacation in MI is almost over. It seems to go by faster and faster each time we are here. Right now, the weather seems to be forecasted as partly to mostly sunny for the trip back. I know it’s a little early to be checking the forecast, but I figure it’s time to start thinking about it anyways. Better be safe than sorry!



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