Merry Christmas

December 25, 2007

We just got home from our annual Christmas Eve party at my uncle’s house. They told me today this is a 39 year old tradition. To me, that’s pretty amazing. I remember when I used to be one of the kids. But now, my generation is having kids and now I’m a big person. Here’s a pic of me and my siblings:


Don and I were pretty happy to make it through the heartland over the weekend. Our trip was the second bad adventure through Iowa, and by far the worst. The snow hit us off and on all the way through Indiana and Ohio, but the wind was the worst part there. It made visibility go from normal to about a car length in second. Through Iowa and part of Illinois, the roads were still ice covered and it was FREEZING. The wind chill in Chicago as we passed by was -2 degrees. I was so happy to just get home. I wanted to take a lot more pictures on the trip home, but it was just too cold to get out for that long, and since we left later than usual, we wanted to get going. Here’s one that I got at a gas station somewhere east of Des Moines:

I thought this one turned out pretty good because the sun was catching the ice on this little tree pretty well. Each branch was completely enveloped in ice. In the background, you can see how it looks foggy- that’s just blowing snow. Otherwise, it was a beautiful, crystal clear day.

In the early morning, it was so cold that the sun had rainbows on both sides of it as it started to rise. I wished I hadn’t packed my good camera in the trunk, because it probably would have picked up the rainbows, but here’s a cell phone pic to show how pretty the sunrise was.


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  1. I was there. Second year for the bad weather and second year at your uncle’s house.

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