Weather disaster – again

December 23, 2007

At this rate, Don and I are never going to drive through the state of Iowa again. We were fine until about 70 miles into the state, when it started to snow a little and blow around. near Des Moines, we were at a crawl- going about 15 mph. We were about 80 miles short of getting to our hotel when the road practically disappeared beneath us. We pulled off at the next exit that had hotels and manged to get a room, not even knowing what town we were in. Luckily, they still had rooms left. Also, luckily, the hotel we had booked is letting us out of the room without charging us the usual cancellation policy.

Here’s what the radar looks like right now for the midwest:

Looks like the worst of it is actually southeast of us right now. The storm appears to be moving really slowly, but it looks like in the next 24 hours, Chicago may be getting 1-2 inches. As long as it isn’t blowing around like tonight, we shouldn’t have a problem. All afternoon long, all I had running through my head was “I’ll be home for Christmas— if only in my dreams!” But, we’ll make it tomorrow. We will probably just wait until later than our usual 5:00 am departure time.
For those who don’t know, last year while driving back after Christmas, we got stuck in Iowa (much farther west, and luckily actually at the hotel we had booked our room at) in an ice storm. The next morning, we left once the sun came up and the “body count” of cars and semi trucks in the ditches was amazing. Right now I can still see the expressway and I’m surprised at how many cars are still moving along it. I guess they don’t have a choice except to keep on going.

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