Almost Christmas…

December 19, 2007

The weather has turned a tad nicer here, at least for now. The temperature has hit the mid 40’s and it could be almost 50 tomorrow. Don’s been able to go to work both days this week. There is still some snow on the ground where the sun doesn’t hit, but for the most part, we have lost most of it that fell last week.

We are getting ready and planning our cross-country trip for the weekend. Looks like we may hit some minor snow and some wind on the plains. I think after the winter storm we drove through last year in Iowa, not much will faze us. And, we grew up in Michigan (and my dad taught me to always be prepared) so our cars are prepared with emergency bags.

Oh! So I met with the manager at my second, part-time job because I felt my paycheck was short almost $90. Actually, my LAST check was short $90 and I was promised it would be on this check. Turns out that $90 was, but I didn’t get paid for teaching 3 whole classes! The manager said I didn’t turn in my class attendance sheets for those classes (since I get paid based on how many students there are in class). Umm, I hate to tell him, but I’m a bookkeeper by profession. Paperwork IS my job. I don’t “forget to turn it in.” So, I don’t know what happened to it, but I will hand in copies of those sheets and will at least get paid for them after Christmas, even though I was sort of counting on the checks to help with the trip home. I guess it’s good that I pay so close attention to such things.


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