Earned money, free money and more pills

December 14, 2007

I got a check today for some cookies I baked a few weeks ago and shipped to some friends for their daughters’ birthday at school. Just in time for the holidays and my trip home. 🙂 Also, imagine my surprise when I got a check for $20 from the city I live in! That’s right, because the city had more money than their projections, they gave it back to us. So, that’s just in time for Christmas, as well! And it was FREE. Sort of. I’m sure I’ve paid more money into the fund at some point.

And, more pills is right. I couldn’t sleep last night for my stuffy nose (I think I’m going to have to call the doctor and get the antibiotic after all), but found if I rotated the different kinds of sinus pills I had, then I felt a little better. However, I discovered today that I didn’t buy the exact kind that my doctor recommended. Did you know to get this kind of Sudafed you have to show your ID and sign for it???

I will start those tomorrow. Hopefully they are better than the others I have.

They released the “steroid use” list from MLB. Some names on there aren’t too surprising. I’m surprised how many names I don’t recognize though. Seems like if they were using steroids, they would have done better and I could know who they were. Oh well. I’m not exactly sure what releasing this list is going to do- are they planning to erase records or is this just to try and prevent future generations of baseball players from using the steroids?

We still have only used the furnace three times. That’s pretty good considering it’s December. Our 2 heaters from www.eheat.com have been pretty awesome. Even better since we got the broken one replaced and the window fixed. We sure noticed the difference when we didn’t have the heater in our bedroom and it was COLD at night!


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