Company Christmas Party

December 13, 2007

Tonight was our company’s Christmas party. We held it at a nice Italian place not far from our office. We had about 50-60 people show up, which is pretty good. We had a buffet of different pastas, salad, and great dessert. The catch was that we had a cash limit we had to reach- and once the speeches were made, 1/2 the guest list left and we weren’t even close. We still had almost $800 to spend. If we didn’t spend it, we were going to get charged it anyways, so the bosses had us start to order food to go. For example, here is a pic of my “doggie bag” pile”

That’s 2 whole cheesecakes (pumpkin and white chocolate), box of ravioli and garlic bread and a slice of white chocolate cheesecake. That doesn’t even include the food I ate! People were ordering whole pizzas and taking them home. Guess that’s our Christmas gift from the bosses, huh?

Here are a couple of other pics from the party:

Now it’s already 11 pm and I’m usually sleeping by about 10. My sinus infection is not pleasant tonight, either. I’m stuffed up beyond belief and am starting to think I’ll have to be calling the doc for that antibiotic as I haven’t improved much in the past two days.


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