Finally went to the doctor

December 11, 2007

I don’t go to the doctor often. Most times I go, I end up hearing “Well, there’s nothing we can do for you. Drink lots of fluids and get some rest.” I don’t have time to get rest. I have a stressful job to get back to.

However, I’ve been sick for almost three weeks, on and off. I finally decided it was time to go to the doctor since I’ve been paying for my insurance and haven’t used it yet. Also, I’ve never met the doctor I picked off the list when I signed up for my insurance. The good news is I already love my new doctor. She was so laid back and asked me lots of questions. For the first time in years, I really felt like she was in no rush to get to another patient, as is so often the case with doctors. Plus, like me, she seems to be more of a naturalist. She suggested that I try a handful of other things to help my sinuses before trying what she called a “very powerful dose of antibiotics that last for a full 14 days.” I’m good with that. Apparently the antibiotics would dry out my sinuses, which is part of the problem I’m currently having so it would defeat the purpose. However, she said that if my symptoms get worse, or even stay the same with no improvement, I can call her and she’ll perscribe the antibiotic. She also said if I have any questions ever, I can email her through the Kaiser website. Which I thought could be helpful in the future. Oh, and she gave me a doctor’s note to miss work tomorrow and even asked if I wanted one for Wednesday because she believes that time and rest are the best medicines for getting better. She said if I’m not better by Wednesday to call the office and she’ll fax a new letter to my work. 🙂

Our company Christmas party is on Wednesday night and I better feel better by then. I have spent the last few weeks helping to plan it, so there’s no way I’m missing it.


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